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News and Events for the Family


Marriage and Family is a great website for articles and news about events for couples and families. Two of the events sponsored by FamilyLife for couples are the Art of Marriage seminars and the Weekend to Remember getaways.


FamilyLife publishes articles under many topics including marriage, family, parenting, etc. The Marriage Memo is one of these articles that comes to my email weekly. I have found them to be informative and inspirational.

Here are some that you might enjoy reading:


"O Come, O Come, Immanuel." This is a great read for everyone.


Walking in the Truth


25 Ways to Spiritually Lead your Wife and Family


10 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Annually


50 Things to Say to Your Make him feel Great


When your Spouse Breaks your Heart


40 Lessons from 40 years of Marriage


What Makes a Marriage Distinctively Christian?


30 Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Spouse


Are You Listening?


15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing


Placing Your Spouse in the "Front Seat" of Your Heart (Advice for Stepfamilies)


Redefining "In Sickness and In Health"


Marriage is Never What We Expect


Romancing Your Man


How is Your Love Life? (Great question, great article)


It's Time to Lighten Up. (This is a good article)


Why Do I Act Like I Don't Love My Wife.


Seven Things I Wish I'd Known about Men Before I Married.



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Recommended Movies

The following have been recommended:


The Magic of Ordinary Days


Seven Days in Utopia

Remember the Titans





Do you have a movie you would recommend for families, couples, others? Email us at