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Welcome to 4C's Website!

Christ - Our Savior, our God
- We are a fellowship that worships Christ with abandon.

Community - Our Ambition
- We invest intentionally in our youth and children, neighbors and city.

Covenant - Our Hope
- God is our promise that never fails.

Church - Our Heart
- To live honestly and transparently before God and each other.

We seek to become a church for His purposes. We desire to be increasingly faith-full, grace-full and mercy-full, so that we can be even more purpose-full. After all, it's mostly about the journey, isn't it?

You are welcome at 4Cs always!



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Dave Scherrer, Senior Pastor:








Good Friday: April 18, 7:00 pm Service


Celebration Sunday: April 20, Services at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 am.


2014 HPSM Summer Mission Trip

June 14-22 to Puerto Rico

Support the team by attending the following:

1) Pancake Brunch: Sunday, April13 from 8:00 am to 12:15 pm.

Come to the Youth Fellowship Center for Pancakes served by the Students.

Brunch is free! Donations will support the team.


2)Dinner Out: Saturday, May 10.

Come enjoy a fancy dinner at 4Cs. RSVP to Heather Jaeger to reserve a romantic table for 2 or for parties of 8 or more. (Child Care available) All donations support the Puerto Rico team.


"We Come to the Table"

Read by Curt Vogt prior to Communion on 11/03/13



Visit the CommunityGroups page for more information. Click here to visit.



Visit the MISSIONS PAGE to learn about the Missionaries and Ministries that 4C's supports! Click here to visit.



Join us at 6:00am in the Fellowship Center



As part of our Stewardship Campaign, Pete Buchwald and his song-writing partner, Jamie Wolf, wrote "We Believe" specifically for our church and it was performed at our 4Cs dinner gathering on December 1st. Pete made it available to download or stream via this link:
To download the file, just click on the small arrow, next to the "share" button. ENJOY!



"The Light Shines Brightest in the Darkness"

A Poem by Anissa Miller


Our 4C's Story

Now you can follow the 4C's Story by clicking here to go to the blog, "Our 4C's Story."

Add your Story to the 4C's Story by going to the comment section at the end of the blog and entering your story as a comment.

Guidelines are posted in the blog, so read, comment and be encouraged by the way God includes us in His Story!


Spiritual Gifts Test

Click here for a questionnaire that may help you as you seek God to know your spiritual gift(s).


Male Call

meets every Wednesday at 6 am in the Fellowship Room. Join us as we discuss what it means to know god through prayer. Outlines from previous weeks are available on the Male Call page.


Family Announcements

Visit this page for FamilyLife articles on Marriage and Family. Click here or visit the Family Life page and follow the link.